Stones Hamburg

  • Rolling Stones "No Filter"-Tour, Hamburg


    Date: Saturday, September 09, 2017

    Location: Stadtpark, Festwiese

    Admission: 2 p.m.

    Start: 7 p.m.


    Around 80,000 visitors are expected to attend the Rolling Stones concert in the Stadtpark (city park). We therefore ask you to schedule an early arrival.

    An attractive and diverse gastronomic offer will make your stay at the event venue as pleasant as possible - before, during and after the concert.

    Please note that any re-entry is not possible after leaving the event grounds once.

  • The Festwiese in the Hamburg Stadtpark

    The Festwiese has been the heart of the green area since the foundation of the Stadtpark in 1914. Its area encompasses about 14 hectares. Most recently, concerts were held at the Festwiese by David Bowie (1987) and Pink Floyd (1989). Now, around 30 years later, the Rolling Stones will celebrate the European launch of their "No Filter" tour here.
    Apart from the gigantic main stage and the backstage area, the concert will also host twelve audience stands. In these areas, the Festwiese is covered with a professional lawn protection system.
  • Gastronomie

    A large food court with a spacious seating area, including a beer garden, ensures a varied gastronomic range that reflects the status of Hamburg as a “gateway to the world”, as well as presenting regional products and specialties. The early admission from 2 p.m. on not only allows a relaxed entry to the venue, but also invites you to a journey where you can discover culinary delicacies before the concert. And if everything goes as planned you will be doing so with fantastic fall weather. A wide range of food and beverages will be available before, during and after the concert. The culinary variety of the food trucks and gastro stands begins with suckling pig variations, delicious soups and stews, Burger specialties, homemade pastas, salads and sweet potato fries to Latin American, Asian and Arabic specialties, as well as ice cream and other sweets. Classics such as Bratwurst and Hot Dogs will of course also be available, as well as an extensive vegetarian and vegan offer. The drinks menu is also chosen to provide a full range of pleasure and will include numerous wines, cocktails and long drinks alongside the obligatory Pils.

    "Happy Hour"
    There will be a "Happy Hour" between 2 and 4 p.m. The following drinks and foods will be offered:


  • Payment options


    On the premises we only accept cash payments. There are just two ATM machines, so please bring sufficient cash with you.

  • Box office


    The concert of the Rolling Stones in Hamburg on September 09, 2017 is sold out. However, by releasing technical barriers, short-term tickets might be available for sale at You can find out whether there will be a box office on the day before the event, or contact us free of charge at +49 (0) 800-8899500 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Arrival / Departure

  • General

    There are no parking facilities at the Stadtpark and in the surrounding area. So please do not come by car, be considerate of the residents around the Stadtpark, and plan enough time for your arrival. In addition, there will also be extensive road closures for safety reasons and an extensive parking space monitoring will be carried out on the day of the event. Parking offenders are consistently towed away. Please use the same route for arrival and departure.


    Download Karte >>

  • Using public transportation

    We would like to ask you to use the extensive public transportation available to get to the concert. The free use of the HVV (public transport, Hamburg public transport) is already included in your concert ticket. * So please keep your ticket even after the event in case you get asked for it by the ticket inspector.  You can reach the Festwiese by taking the lines U3 (Borgweg / Saarlandstraße), U1 (Alsterdorf), and S1 (Barmbek). Follow the signs to the concert site, which will be placed at the railway stations. We recommend you use the timetable information available on the website of the HVV while planning your arrival with the HVV ( You can find more useful tips and how to get from the train station to the concert event here:

    *includes a return trip including a fast bus in the total area of ​​the HVV on the day of the event until the end of the public transportation operation.

  • Arriving by bicycle


    For cyclists with concert tickets, there will be free bicycle parking on site.

    Download Karte >>
    Please note that cycling on the day of the event in the Stadtpark will not be permitted.

  • Arriving by car – organization of park & ride, then Volkspark (incl. continuing journey)

    Please refrain from arriving by car and use the offer of the HVV. Free use of the HVV is included in the ticket *. If you have no other option than to take your own car, you can use the park + ride offer. The use of selected park + ride stations is free of charge for you on the day of the event with a valid ticket. These free stations can be found on this map:

    In addition, you have the possibility to use the parking lots at the Volksparkstadion for a fee of 7, - €. Here you will find a bus shuttle to the S-Bahn station Stellingen from where you can continue with the HVV. The use of public transport is already included in the ticket price.
    We have compiled suitable travel recommendation for you from Berlin, Bremen, Hanover, Kiel and Lübeck:

    * includes a return trip including a fast bus in the total area of ​​the HVV on the day of the event until the end of the operation.

  • Departure

    Please use the same route for departure you used during arrival. For arrival and departure, we recommend the train station Barmbek, where we expect the shortest waiting times for our visitors.


  • Admission


    Your safety is a top priority for the artists and us as organizers. We would therefore like to point out that there will be strict controls at the entrances to the concert event space. We ask you to carefully read and observe the regulations on "Bags / pocket rules & forbidden items".

    In order to ensure the fastest possible entry, you should have your valid concert ticket ready for scanning at the entry points. Please also carry your ticket with you at the event site and note that re-entry is not possible after leaving the event grounds. There will be two entry points to the concert, E1 and E2. The exact locations can be found in our site plan. For wheelchair users, there will be a separate wheelchair access entrance, close to the wheelchair user podium, which can also be seen on the site plan.

    Download Karte >>

  • Bag / pocket rules & forbidden items

    In order to ensure the greatest possible security, we, together with the authorities and the artists’ management, check all safety-related procedures and have jointly developed a comprehensive safety concept. The more we can count on your support, and you take into account the requirements, the faster and more effective are the controls. For a quick and smooth admission, we recommend you carry only your concert ticket, your mobile phone, your key ring and your wallet with you, and do without any further items. The following items are allowed on the concert site: 
    • Only "clutches", fanny packs, and neck pouches up to the size of a Din A5 sheet (14.8 cm x 21 cm). Please leave larger bags than ones referenced above at home. They cannot be taken to the venue.
    • Liquid hygiene and health articles up to 100ml (max. 2 pieces per person) in suitable plastic containers.


    Forbidden items

    All items, which are not listed among the permitted ones, are prohibited on the concert grounds. These include but are not limited to:

    • Bags, backpacks and gym bags of all kinds
    • Professional audio & video equipment
    • Cameras and camera equipment
    • Selfie sticks
    • powerbanks
    • Umbrellas
    • Motorcycle helmets
    • Liquids / beverages, also in tetra packs and PET bottles
    • Glass bottles / glass containers, cans
    • Weapons of any kind
    • Bengalos, fireworks, and the like
    • Megaphone and Vuvuzelas
    • Animals of any kind
    • Laser Pointer
    • Chairs, seating furniture and all other seating possibilities*
    • Picnic blankets
    • Rivet jewelery, unusually long purse chains, spurs (for example on boots) and the like

    *We will offer seats in our food court tables, so you are not forced to stand the whole time.
    Fast Lanes

    We offer so-called fast lanes at the entrance, which allow quick access to the venue. The fast lanes can only be used by visitors who carry only their ticket, cell phone, keyring, and wallet.


  • Road blocking


    For security reasons, the venue will be closed in advance. On our map you can get an overview how the road blocking might affect you.

    Download Karte >>

  • Youth protection


    Please note that children under 6 years of age are not allowed to enter the event venue, even if accompanied by a person who is responsible for the care of the person or who is responsible for the child care.

    Adolescents under 16 years of age may only attend the concert accompanied by a person who is entitled to care or education. For this purpose, the educational commission (pursuant to §1 para. 1 no. 4 Jugendschutzgesetz) must be completed in full and must be carried at the concert.

    Please read this form thoroughly before filling it out.

    You can download the educational commission form from our homepage: Download >>>


  • Police stations


    Police officers will be present at the venue. In Otto-Wels-Str. near the entrance E1, a police station will be established, which is continuously occupied by the staff.

    Download Karte >>

    Should you need to report an incident or a person to the police, you can do so at the station.
    If you need quick assistance on the premises, please call 110. (Please note that an emergency call is never anonymous and the misuse of emergency calls is punishable.) Please do not hesitate to report something as soon as you find it unusual, even if you are not sure if it is really an emergency. We would also ask you to report any suspicion.


  • Evacuation


    First: Don’t panic, an evacuation is usually only a temporary measure. In the unforeseen case of an evacuation of the site, you will have numerous emergency exits at your disposal. You can find the positions of the emergency exits from the map of the event grounds:

    The (emergency) exits can be recognized by the general emergency exit symbols, which have been enlarged or posted at high grounds due to the size of the terrain. Our banners look like this:

    In addition to regular entry points and exits, there are numerous emergency exits, which are immediately opened in case of emergency. You should therefore orient yourself on the premises and familiarize yourself with the nearest emergency exit. The regular exit point is usually further away.

    Did you know that most people instinctively run towards where they came from, even if the path is farther away? So please, take your time and orient yourself to know where the additional emergency exits are located in case of an emergency!

    If you are asked to leave the premises as quickly as possible via the exits and emergency exits, proceed quietly but quickly to the nearest (emergency) exit. The more exits are used, the faster the terrain is evacuated. And please help those who need help - not every visitor can leave the premises without help!

    Please listen to our security personnel. They are trained and know what to do. Their actions and instructions will lead you to your safety.

    If all follow the requests to leave the site quickly and the instructions of the security personnel are followed, an evacuation usually runs like this:

    How will an evacuation be communicated?

    The evacuation will be primarily announced from the stages. A spokesperson will explain the situation and ask you to leave the venue.

    We also provide the information by electronic means:


    In our Facebook event ( you will always find up-to-date information, for example, if the German Weather Service has issued a warning for our site. Alerts are communicated during normal operation, so you can adjust to an early thunderstorm at an early stage.

Event venue

  • Event map & facilities on the event venue


    Download Karte >>

    First aid

    On the event site trained medical staff will be present, who can help you in an emergency. You can find the position of the emergency medical staff in our map. You can also store medicines that have to be refrigerated with them.

  • How to treat the venue


    As an organizer, we have thought about the fact on how to leave the least impact or footprint on the Festwiese, and use it as carefully as possible. To this end, we have made extensive arrangements: among other things, various lawn protection systems and enclosures are used to protect the vegetation from damage. However, many of the measures are only effective if we can count on your assistance and your respectful approach to the green areas of the Stadtpark, both within the venue and on the adjacent areas. This also means that you should only dispose of your garbage in the containers provided for this purpose.

Disabled visitors

  • General


    We would like to offer all visitors of the Rolling Stones concert a great experience, and make every effort to offer a comfortable stay for those that are disabled.

  • Information for wheel chair users

    There will be a rolli platform on the event grounds. Wheelchair users can stay there with a maximum of one accompanying person. There is also a separate entrance, E3, for guests with a wheelchair, which is closer to the rolli pedestal than the main entrance. You can see where the rolli platform is located as well as the entrance on this map:


    Download Karte >>

  • Medicines on the event venue


    Should it be necessary to take medication with you to the venue, we ask you to carry a medical proof of the necessity. This ensures that you can safely take your medication with you.

    For medicines that need to be stored refrigerated, there is the possibility to deliver these to the employees of the medical service in the paramedic tents.

Information for residents & visitors of the Stadtparks

  • General


    Setting up the venues for the Rolling Stones concert will start from September 01, 2017. The Festwiese will not be completely blocked from this date on. The closures begin on the side of the Stadtparksee and will extend from there during the course of the work within the event grounds. The dismantling will be completed by September 14, 2017.

    If you are a resident and have questions regarding the concert and the event, please contact our service team by email at or by calling our free service hotline at +49 (0)800-8899500. It is available from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., as well as from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. on September 9, 2017. On the day of the event, there will also be street closures around the Stadtpark.

    For residents the access of the affected roads remains open. Please keep your passport or ID card ready.


  • General


    Since the event venue is very spacious and double fenced, there will be no opportunity to catch a look into the concert happening in the Stadtpark. Should you nevertheless come to hear the concert of the Rolling Stones from outside as an onlooker, we ask you, as well as our concert-goers, to use the public transport, to observe the safety regulations, and to keep to the parking regulations.

    Please note that cycling on the day of the event in the Stadtpark will not be permitted.

    We would also like to ask you to pay attention to the green areas around the Festwiese, to dispose of possible garbage where it is supposed to be disposed and to use the public toilets around the Festwiese.