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Best Kept Secret

11.06 -13.06.2021 | Beekse Bergen

The Best Kept Secret Festival in Hilvarenbeek combines a broad variety in music with a lovingly arranged ambience. In 2013 the festival had its successful premiere. At Best Kept Secret, people don’t think in genres or stylistics. Whether it’s indie rock, hip hop, electronic music: as long as it’s good, it can be a part of the festival. With over a hundred artists, bands and DJs performing at Best Kept Secret perennially, there’s plenty of stuff to discover. To make the experience that much more fulfilling, the festival grounds are something really special. Best Kept Secret makes brilliant use of the surrounding woodland area. No wonder that the festival offers a lot of opportunities for camping enthusiasts. Guests may sleep on the natural campsite, rent a cosy bungalow or stay inside a log cabin. Additionally, there’s also a strong emphasis on providing good, sustainable food and drinks.