Terms and Conditions & FAQ

Payment is possible in advance or by credit card.
Shipment is by registered letter (plus forwarding expenses of only EUR 5 per order within Germany or EUR 7 per order from abroad).

We make efforts to meet the order even when receipt of payment is delayed, though in this case we can no longer guarantee seat-reservation status. If the status is negative, the sum paid will of course be reimbursed.

After prior receipt of payment, the tickets are dispatched BY REGISTERED LETTER. Should the postman find no one at home, a message will be left and the consignment can be collected at the nearest post office within 5 workdays.

The shipment of the admission tickets is undertaken at the risk of the party ordering. The liability of the sender extends solely to the extent of liability of Deutsche Post AG for the respective type of dispatch.

Can I give admission tickets back?

A right of revocation in connection with the purchase of admission tickets for contracts concluded outside our business premises, or in cases of distance-selling contracts, does not exist. In keeping with the regulation of section § 312g, paragraph 2, sentence 1, no. 9 of the German Civil Code “Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB)”, this is, amongst other things, excluded for services from the leisure-activity sector, if the contract on the provision of the service foresees a specific deadline or period. These prerequisites are fulfilled in cases of purchase of admission tickets for our events. Each order of admission tickets is thus binding directly after receipt of the separate acknowledgement of receipt ("Confirmation of Booking") sent by FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH, and obligates the party ordering to acceptance and to payment of the tickets ordered. Right of termination in accordance with section § 649 of BGB is excluded.

What does "PK" mean?
"PK" is the German abbreviation for Price Category »Preiskategorie«.

What offers are available for people with handicaps?
If your disabled pass contains a "B" for Accompanying Person, the person accompanying you is normally entitled to free entry. If you would like to bring along an accompanying person we ask you to kindly indicate this when ordering by means of a corresponding reference under "Remarks" »Bemerkungen«.

As from what age may a young person visit a concert alone?
Minors aged 16 or more may attend concerts (›dancing events‹) until midnight without being accompanied by an adult. For younger people special regulations apply only in exceptional cases. The following is a corresponding extract from the German Protection of Young Persons Act »Jugendschutzgesetz«:

Section § 5 – Dancing Events
(1) Children as well as Adolescents below the age of 16 must not be permitted to attend public dancing events unless they are accompanied by a Custodial Person or Person with Parental Power. The time limit for Adolescents as of 16 years of age shall be midnight.

(2) As an exception to paragraph 1 presence of children until 10 p.m. and of Adolescents below the age of 16 until midnight may be permissible for dancing events sponsored by a youth welfare body or for artistic participation or folklore programmes.

(3) Exceptional permits may be granted by the responsible public authority.

What happens to my data?
  1. We take the statutory regulations on data protection very seriously. For further information, please take a look at our data protection statement HERE.

Ticket orders can only be processed if all of the available data is complete.

As soon as the order has been processed, confirmation is sent by mail.

Final Provisions
1. The European Commission will make available a platform for online dispute resolution which you can find here. The email address of FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH is: info@fkpscorpio.com

2. We neither feel obliged nor ready to participate in the dispute settlement procedures of the European Commission or, according to the consumer dispute resolution law, in front of the Consumer Arbitration Board.