Absage: The Veils' Tour

Leider müssen The Veils ihre Tour absagen, weil sich Sänger Finn Andrews das Trommelfell verletzt hat. Das Statement:

“Dear all,
I managed to perforate my ear drum at our last show and my doctor has advised I take the next 2 weeks to allow it to recover. Regrettably this means we will be unable to perform the dates on our German tour.
I'm so sorry everyone - it is extremely frustrating for me as I know these would have been such great shows and we were all looking forward to them immensely.
Needless to say the venues will refund you and I hope we can organise another run soon.
Until then, apologies again.

Wir wünschen ihm gute Besserung und hoffen auf Euer Verständnis.
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