Absage: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes in Nürnberg

Leider muss die Show von Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes am 27. Juni ausfallen. Hier das Statement:


“Yesterday at 5 in the morning the bus we were travelling on was involved in a crash on the autobahn. Nobody was hurt and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have all walked away entirely unscathed. Unfortunately our bus wasn’t so lucky.

We couldn’t find a mechanic to certify the bus road safe in time to make INmusic Festival in Croatia which means we unfortunately need to cancel our club show in Nuremberg as well.

Huge love and appreciation to Benjamin Clementine and his entire crew for stopping to pick us up at 6in the morning and helping us get our entire band and crew to Southside fest to perform.

Thank you to Biffy Clyro and their entire crew for getting some of us and some of our gear home tonight.

And thank you to The Prodigy for helping us get the rest of our gear home.

We are devastated any time we have to cancel shows but we are going to go and have a few days at home with our loved ones and then get back out on the road for Jera On Air.

Thank you so much to everyone for your love, support and understanding during this time. We are very lucky to come out of this with zero damage to ourselves just some slightly rattled cages and some bruised confidence.”

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