Absage: Berlin-Show von Michelle Branch

Leider muss die Show am 23. September von Michelle Branch in Berlin abgesagt werden. Ihr Statement:

"I excitedly agreed to do my first tour in the UK/Europe back in April of this year. At that time, I was told by my record label how excited they were to be working the record and how important it was that I make it to Europe to play some shows (the first headlining European shows of my entire career). Now it's September, and the label is refusing to help by giving me much needed tour support. I simply can't afford to bring my band to only play 5 shows.
My deepest apologies. I'm so disappointed. I had been looking forward to it all summer. My goal is to return as soon as I possibly can with extended dates."

Wir drücken die Daumen und wünschen bis dahin alles Gute! Tickets können an den VVK-Stellen zurückgegeben werden.

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